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Песня: Fluttershy Inc

Добавлено: 2015-08-31

Продолжительность mp3: 03:55

Автор: (Gorillaz Pony Parody)

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Fluttershy (x8)

Everypony's here for the pegasus race
I don't know what started it in the first place
and somehow I got stuck here holding the flag
where balance and preparedness were never my bag
I get knocked off my cloud as the ponies fly by
a pegasus who never learned how to fly
and all I'd have to do is to use my wings
but this isn't a joke, it's the end of things

suddenly, a butterfly
then a thousand flutter by
slow me as I'm falling down
set me on the ground, now
where am I this wondrous place?
Trees and bunnies' warm embrace
suddenly a butterfly
steals me from the sky

zoomin comes a
quick turn, wings churn
cuttin' it close get cloud burn
though these ponies show concern
they just gotta' watch n' learn
can't see the clouds as they're passin' me by
just hear the sound of them, passin' me by
watch me as I clear the gate
ha ha ha ha haaaa
you gonna'
offend one of my friends
I'll defend them to the teeth
you wanna' have a race
just name the time and place
cause' I intend
to take the wreath
one more
gate to clear it
I ain't
gonna fear it
watch as I accelerate

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