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Песня: Гипно утро

Добавлено: 2015-12-05

Продолжительность mp3: 04:11

Автор: 2x2

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Текст этой песни:

It's out here gotta say it so
I got you right where I want
honestly is for your best
when end up you attack
you won time you were .. when the .. was cold
and now funny .. gets old
you can hide you can run but it will catch up
I see me i'll show you how

you wanna .. back when you had your shot
wanna save me every time when you ..
can't stop now no compromise
. fill out of lies ..fly like a bird when I am …
wanna .. and twist to climb your …
I know the danger over here
who's been .. again
can tell them off from where you've been
don't play a game that I can't win
you're caught now but it's in your …

and buy now all your .. all your senses
.. count on that I tell you what we know always holds us back
now your money and your .. don't stop
I got in your heart and I .. you off
I know you .. in .. done it again

.. you try to play to win but now you lose
.. n the attic .. such erotic .. automatic systematic
.. what you want now
I know I am a danger women who has been .. again
you can tell ... don't play a game that I can't win
danger danger danger
don't play a game that I can't win
don't play a game that I can't win

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