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Песня: Looking Fly (OST "Мачо и ботан")

Добавлено: 2015-12-14

Продолжительность mp3: 04:09

Автор: Murs Feat. Will.l.Am

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Текст этой песни:

Fly like a condor,
fly like a eagle,
fly in an 85',candy painted Regal,
fly lie a dove,
I come from up above,
I'm rappin' on the mic
and you can call me Murs Love.
I run this house,
I'm dumbin' out,
I can make your girl
come keep my tongue in my mouth {WHOA},
I'm that cold with it,
23 below with it,
snow ball effect I suggest that ya'll roll with it.
It's gettin' bigger man,
it's a movement,
it's called the President
I'm a show you how to do it {watch}.
You put your tie on,
get your fly on,
she say D.J. he play my song.
Long time comin',
but I been runnin',
hands underground
like Harriet Tubman,
never been thuggin'
ya'll niggas buggin',
there's too many fine ass women in this club.

I'm lookin' fly ooo I'm 'bout to spread my wings [x6]
Watch a nigga spread his wings

{I'm lookin fly} like zero gravity,
laid back everything flow to me naturally, {ha ha}
yep like that girl you tried to mac to,
I applied my G-force and she flew right past you.
Didn't think that she would do that,
now you hatin' on me at the bar,
askin' "who that? ",
rock star my hair out of control,
you just another rapper dude playin' a roll.
I'm eclectic, eccentric, thrift store expensive.
You just want to mention you ain't this extensive.
Limited. your world is this big,
you ain't left your block since you were a little kid.
You wanna see the world your girl wanna live,
I grabbed her hand lead her to the floor and we gigged,
spread my wings like André Hicks,
gettin' play on both coasts like the L.A. Knicks.

I'm lookin' fly ooo I'm 'bout to spread my wings [x6]
Watch a nigga spread his wings

Lookin' fly like Delta,
fly like Continental,
known to take flight on a fly instrumental,
fly super fly I leap over skyscrapers,
write fly rhymes on sheets of fly paper.
Peter Pan fly you never seen a man fly think happy thoughts
while you just fly stand by.
I flew all around the world but you can't be a fly dude
with out a fly girl.
{Ya'll really need to step ya'll female game up.
Forget your diamonds}
My Brazilin she worth a few million,
beauty and brains might let her have my children,
walked in the buildin' treated like a villain,
'cause my light skin cute thing from Crenshaw killed 'em.
I shut it down man please,
you ain't never seen a Asian girl with natural D's,
{Look at her},
{See my Philippino, my Pinay, my mahal
My Manila on the dance floor havin' a ball.

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